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Piece of art with tougher security

Data page of the new UK passport
Every five years a new passport in the UK. Each solves the sexist side of the passport but is it really most important at the new passport? Let's have a look closer at some security features.

The new passport was launched on 3 of November and should be issued from December 2015. The standard passport will be issued with 34 pages and claret cover, this passport uses the latest and most secure printing and design techniques including security printing, inks, watermarks, and holograms.

Very interesting and never seen before is a continuous personal details page. It is located on page 2 of the passport and continues across the spine of the book to the back cover page. This is intended to hinder the removal of the personal details page from the passport. Embedded into continuous personal details page is SkyLight(TM) feature. It is in the form of thin transparent circles intended to prevent alteration of variable data.

Detail of the new UK passport Detail of the new UK passport

Across the passport is applied a number of micro letters but worth noting is a secondary image of passport holder constructed from the letters and numbers that make up the passport holder's surname and date of birth visible under magnification.

Embedded security fibers appear on every page in red and blue color but when exposed to UV light they fluoresce in different colors. Each visa page has embedded a 3D watermark of William Shakespeare and 2D writer's scroll, a quill, and page number. The personal details page contains a different watermark as you can see in the picture. It is a boat and 4 floral motifs.

“This is the most secure passport we have ever produced. It is the best we can do at this time and we think it is pretty damn good,” said Mark Thomson, director-general of the Passport Office.

Detail of the new UK passport Detail of the new UK passport - fibers

More detailed information with illustration and animation you will find in The Catalogue of Documents.

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