New series of Ukrainian passports in 2015

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New series of Ukrainian passports in 2015


State Migration Service announced that from 12th January 2015 launched a new series of Ukrainian passports. Polygrafkombinat Ukraine produces clean copies, personalize passports by laser gravure and writes the necessary data to the chip.

The first passport was issued to President Petr Poroshenko. According to his words, in February biometric passports can get up to 10 thousand people, in March even more, up to 200 thousand Ukrainians per month. On the first day of issuance of the new biometric passport application submitted 1,600 people. Price for the issue of passports is one of the lowest in Europe.

The biometric passport of the citizen of Ukraine contains a contactless chip that stores personal and biometric data of the holder. It meets the standards: ISO 7816 and ISO 14443 A/B. This chip is certified at level EAL 5+ and EAL 6+. The following biometric data are stored on the chip: two fingerprints in WSQ, biometric picture and digitized signature of the holder.

At the bottom of each site of passport is a page number (folio) printed with lines of changeable thickness. In the area of folios are stroke elements printed with the grey ink that create letters “U” and “A” when the passport is partly opened. On the individual pages are shown motives of the national heritage of Ukraine. More info in The Catalogue of Currencies.


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