Detector c280 - banknotes and ID documents detectors

Detector C280

High professional detector

Brand new model C280 comes to the market after the requirement from the Police. We have prepared a powerful tool in the lightweight body that perfectly fits into the hand. New features like UV-B light and diopter adjustment move this device to a completely different level. The detector C280 is the top of the top handy tools. All lights are visible through one diopter what makes even the hard work easy.

The detector C280 comes with a leather belt bag or you can request a textile belt bag.

This is going to be the best product for police, customs, banknote experts and another specialist due to its small size and portability.

Basic functions:

Technical specification:


  • 12X magnification
  • White direct light
  • White transmitted light (passive)
  • White sidelight
  • White light - Blink
  • UV-A light (365nm)
  • UV-B light (313nm)
  • UV-C light (254nm)
  • Coaxial light 3M
  • Anti-Stokes (980nm)
banknotes and ID documents detector c230

Types of detectors: C230 C280
Magnification: 10x 12x
White direct light: X X
White transmitted light (passive): X X
White sidelight: X X
White light - Blink: X X
UV-A (365nm): X X
UV-B (313nm): X
UV-C (254nm): X X
Anti-Stokes (980nm): X X
Coaxial 3M X X

banknotes and ID documents detector c230