Features Ranking - TOP 10

Features Ranking - Top protected banknotes in the world

This is a standard originated by APIS expert team as a result of more than 25 years of experience in the industry of banknote authenticity. The result is expressed by the "number" created by a special algorithm. This algorithm takes into account the type of material used, type, and quality of security features, the amount of security features placed on the banknote. This may result in that some banknotes appear at the same place in the chart. This means that the TOP 10 chart may have 17 banknotes.

The TOP 10 banknotes in the chart according to the "Features Ranking" to date 28/02/2018
Most modern security features can be very easily authenticated but on the contrary very difficult to counterfeit.
These are the reasons why these banknotes have got so high in our chart.

01.place - 50 EUR/100 SCR

02.place - 20 EUR

03.place - 10 AUD

04.place - 5 AUD

05.place - 20 000 KZT

06.place - 10 000 KZT

07.place - 50 LYD/20 PGK

08.place - 5000 RWF/500 THB

09.place - 100 000 LBP/20 NZD/50 NZD/100 NZD

10.place - 10 GBP/2000 RWF

security ranking - top 10