Поучение об элементах защиты (Security Features Guide)


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The Security Features Guide

  • Access to more than 800 details of security features
  • Security features types (Printing techniques, Banknote materials, OVD, etc.)
  • Detection modes
  • Banknotes and coins production
  • Counterfeiting
  • A comprehensive review of current security features
  • Quality training tool


The Security Features Guide can assist to determine whether the document being presented is genuine or false, by taking quick action to increase customer satisfaction and prevent the damages of document fraud.

Catalogue of documents
Catalogue of documents


Information in electronic form - structural description of particular security feature accompanied by illustrations and/or video sequences. Details about banknotes, counterfeits, schemes, principles, classification, protective properties, a consequence of payments, ways of counterfeiting, history, etc. The particular security feature is analyzed via parts: Origin, Principle, General remarks, Protective properties, Classification, Use in genuine paper money, Imitations on counterfeits.


This guide is suitable for experts/lectors:
  • Police forces (policemen, customs officers, forensic labs)
  • Printers, manufacturers of security features
  • Security Experts
  • Bank industry, Bankers training
  • Aviation companies
  • Education institutions, Schools and Universities
  • Exchange/Travel offices
  • Hotels, Casinos, etc.
Catalogue of documents