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APIS Company Profile

What APIS mean?

APIS - Apis mellifera (lat.) - Honey Bee; We work hard as a Honey Bee, we work hard for you!

APIS - Egyptian mythology - Sacrosanct Bull; We are a strong and stable company!

but first and foremost we are APIS as:

A - analyzing
P - programming
I - information
S - systems

APIS is the author of the first electronic reference database in the world - the Catalogue of Currencies

Our Story

The Start of APIS Company goes back to 1991. In that year, the core team was formed. Immediately after the establishment of the company the first challenge came. Central Bank of Czechoslovakia had to urgently deal with the increase of counterfeits. The increase was enormous, in 1989 it was 83 pieces of counterfeits and in 1992 this figure was 13,333 pieces. This problem has been solved by APIS. The company came up with a currency expert system that provided timely and accurate information about banknotes, but not only about the banknotes and security features but also about dangerous counterfeits. Finally, in 1992, came into the world the first-ever electronic reference database - the Catalogue of Currencies.


In 2013 at the 15th Currency Conference in Athens, Greece, APIS was awarded by the International Association of Currency Affairs (IACA) in the category "The best new currency product".

Martin and Liudmila Official award ceremony Award
APIS today

During this short period of time, we have come a long way, perhaps more than others for 100 years. We worked hard and honestly to get us to the level where we are now, at the professional level. APIS Company offers professional solutions in the field of IDENTIFICATION and AUTHENTICATION.

Mission - production, and delivery of the identification systems

APIS Catalogues

  • All Legal Tenders
  • Security Features Guide
  • Catalogue of Currencies Standard
  • Catalogue of Documents Standard
  • Catalogue of Currencies Client's Driver System
  • Catalogue of Currencies Tailor Made
  • Detectors (IR, UV, Magnetic head, Universal detectors, etc.)


  • Visitor Time & Attendance systems
  • Patrol Access Control Systems
  • LuxDoor Visiting systems, OCR
  • Bio-Sign Specimen signatures systems
  • Bio-protection Standalone or/and network computers

Biometrics portal

Company structure
  • Management
  • Sales and marketing dept.
  • Accounting dept.
  • R & D dept.
  • IT dept.
  • Production dept.
  • Service dept.

Company portal

Products are designed for

Generally, our products are used in the following industries:

  • Police forces (policemen, customs officers, forensic labs)
  • Banks (central / emission / commercial)
  • Banknote industry (printers, manufacturers of security features)
  • Passport/ID industry (printers, manufacturers of security features)
  • Printing companies and Mints
  • Bureaus, state institutions, commercial companies
  • Universities and Schools, Education institutions
  • Exchange / Travel / Post offices
  • Cash handling industry (retailers, travel/tourism agencies, mobile operators)
  • Security Experts
  • Aviation companies, Airports
  • Hotels, Casinos
  • Oil, Insurance companies
  • etc.

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