C52A - banknotes and ID documents detectors

Detector C52A

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Technical and Functional Specification

C52A - banknotes and ID documents detector

Detector with UVA, IR light, IR and White transmitted lights plus magnetic head. At once, you can see both UV-A and IR protection which makes the authentication process becomes fast and effective.

Within this device, the magnetic head is built-in and is highlighted with a sound and flashing led indicator.

The function of the detector can be extended through auxiliary device C609. For more info about micromouse C609 please look here.

What kind of banknotes/documents can be inspected?
  • paper, polymer, hybrid paper-polymer banknotes, coins
  • all kinds of passports and IDs, travel documents, visas
  • stamps and seals
  • driving licenses, vehicle registration certificates
  • birth and marriage certificates
  • other documents with security features issued by the government
  • other documents that need to be inspected or verified
Whit the detector C52A we can supply an information reference system The Catalogue of Currencies or The Catalogue of Documents to compare the examined object with the corresponding specimen from the database.

  • Border control/immigration services
  • Customs authorities
  • Law-enforcement agencies
  • Forensic laboratories
  • Financial institutions
  • Other agencies and organizations authorized to check documents

Technical Specification - detector C52A

Visual fields:
Full visual field vial 7" LCD screen (IR only)
Visual field: 12 × 9mm (optional micromouse)

  • White transmitted light
  • IR transmitted light (850nm)
  • IR light (850nm)
  • IR light (940nm)
  • UV-A light (365nm)
  • Magnetic head
Height: 210 mm
Depth: 151 mm
Width: 275 mm

Weight: 1300 g

  • LCD screen size: 7"
  • Functional keys: 3
  • Power supply: AC power adapter 12 V
  • RCA AV signal - TV/PC/Projector
  • ON/OFF switch: YES
Auxiliary device micromause C609 functions:
  • White direct light
  • White sidelight
  • IR light (850nm)
  • IR light (940nm)
  • UV-A light (365nm)
  • Blue light (470nm)
  • Anti-Stokes laser (980nm)