The Catalogue of Documents


The Catalogue of Documents (#COD) - New Generation

Catalogue of documents

5th Generation of the Catalogue of Documents

  • Responsive design
  • Tablet/PC version
  • More accurate and up to date information
  • Special prearranged or custom packages 20/40/60
  • Comparison mode - in combination with the APIS device

Prearranged or custom-made packages

Prearrange package consists of ID documents and passports of 20 countries (states)- learn more. However, you can create your own custom-made package according to your needs.

Pick from the 164 countries, we offer 3 price levels:

  • up to 20 countries
  • up to 40 countries
  • up to 60 countries
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Catalogue of documents
Catalogue of documents

The Comparison mode

The Catalogue of Documents in combination with some APIS detectors and via E-seeTrue app can work as a comparison tool of inspected object in real time on one display.
Either you can make comprehensive expert workstation in combination with some APIS detectors and the Catalogue of Documents database.

The Catalogue of Documents

Contains approximately 35k images and descriptions almost 2000 illustrated passports, identity cards, resident permit, drivers cards, alien's passports, convention passport, and some typical counterfeits. All these documents are displayed in UV, IR spectrum with the description and illustration of biographical data page and some other important pages from the passport. The security features located on the displayed page as a watermark, security thread, signature, hologram, kinegram, OVI, sewing, perforation, embossing, stamp, printing techniques, etc are displayed.

Catalogue of documents


The Catalogue of Documents can assist to determine whether the document being presented is genuine or false, by taking quick action to increase customer satisfaction and prevent the damages of document fraud.

Main Features

  • Simple country selection and clear document illustrations.
  • Clear localization of important information.
  • Illustrations of passport's cover, important pages, and its security features.
  • Images under UV and IR lights in comparison to "real" document.
  • Typical counterfeits with descriptions and visualization.
  • Customized database access solutions.
  • Database regularly updated every month.

Catalogue of documents


  • Instant control of authenticity and validity of documents
  • Sufficient information on security features and way of detection
  • Location and an indication of security features
  • Permanent training/e-learning module - what to check on ID documents
  • Protection of your institution from any fraud


  • Police forces (policemen, customs officers, forensic labs)
  • Passport/ID industry (printers, manufacturers of security features)
  • Security Experts
  • Commercial Banks and commercial companies
  • Aviation companies
  • Education institutions
Catalogue of documents