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Каталог Валют (#COC) - New Generation

Catalogue of currencies

5th Generation of the Catalogue of Currencies

  • Responsive design
  • Tablet/PC version
  • Details of security features with specified area
  • More accurate and up to date information
  • Special prearranged or custom packages of currencies 15/30/40
  • Comparison mode - in combination with the APIS device

Prearranged or custom-made packages of currencies

Prearrange package consists of 15 most common currencies (legal tenders) in the world - learn more. However, you can create your own custom-made package according to your needs.
Pick from the 183 currencies (legal tenders), we offer 3 price levels:

  • up to 15 currencies
  • up to 30 currencies
  • up to 40 currencies
Start creating right - NOW

Catalogue of currencies
Catalogue of currencies

The Comparison mode

The Catalogue of Currencies in combination with some APIS detectors and via E-seeTrue app can work as a comparison tool of the inspected object in real time in one display.
Either we can offer you comprehensive expert workstation - combination APIS detectors and the Catalogue of Currencies database.

The Catalogue of Currencies

Contains images and descriptions of Legal Tender, Recall status, Outmoded banknotes, coins, traveler`s cheques and typical counterfeits. Banknotes are displayed in UV-A, UV-C and IR spectrum. Each security feature is localized, illustrated or animated with structural description and the way of detection. Details of typical counterfeits are compared versus genuine details.
Mission: Professional, simple and effective work with global currencies. The ability to access a comprehensive knowledge database for the purposes of detection, training, education and research.

Catalogue of currencies

Features Ranking - Top protected banknotes in the world

This is a standard originated by APIS expert team as a result of more than 25 years of experience in the industry of banknote authenticity. The Result is expressed by the "number" created by a special algorithm. This algorithm takes into account the type of material used, type and quality of security features, the number of security features placed on the banknote. This may result in that some banknotes appear at the same place in the chart. This means that the TOP 10 chart may have 17 banknotes.

Wizard tool

Guide you along the right way of authentication of each banknote. This tool will show you how to detect each banknote, step by step from the simplest to the most complicated ways of detection. All security features are classified according to these ways of detection. By using this tool, you can easily localize each security feature on the specific banknote.

Catalogue of currencies

Search function

This is a very good and helpful tool for experts from the banknote industry. You can search legal tender by the date of validity, by recall status date, or search banknotes with internal notes. More than this you can use detail search by banknote size, features ranking, technological process, way of recognition, type of users, producers and more.


  • Banks(central/commercial)
  • Banknote industry (printers, manufacturers of security features)
  • Police forces (policemen, customs officers, forensic labs)
  • Cash handling industry (retailers, travel/tourist agencies, exchange offices)
  • Banking Schools and universities
Catalogue of currencies